Hi! I'm Brittany Wolf, the founder and designer behind SHEWOLF Designs.

As a Scorpio, infertility warrior, and LGBTQIA+ ally, I'm passionate about designing products that help women make a statement without saying a word. If you're brave enough to live your best life out loud, then you belong in this wolf pack.

eI hope SHEWOLF empowers you to live unapologetically!

Bonus fun fact: I'm 5' 1" and think the best compliment I've ever received is that I "sounded taller on the phone."

shewolf's rules to live by

embrace your badass

Punch fear in the face and live your authentic life out loud.

take up space

Never apologize for being you. Proudly stand up for the causes you believe in!

swear away, sailor

Intention matters. Also, the perfectly placed curse word can feel so good!

Feminism is for everyone. Love wins. Pronouns are not optional.

agree? you're in the right place

I strongly believe that actions speak louder than words. Because of this—and basically the whole mission behind SHEWOLF—I use my small but mighty business to support organizations that align with my values.

This would not be possible without my amazing customers. Because of you, we've been donating to worthy organizations since day one. Thank you for helping SHEWOLF support:

National Network of Abortion Funds
The Trevor Project
Oyster Recovery Project

Help SHEWOLF stand up for the things you believe in. Shop designs that give back or recommend a charity that I should be supporting!

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