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Galentine's Day Gifts that Flip the Bird to the Patriarchy

  • Dec 27
Galentine's Day Gifts that Flip the Bird to the Patriarchy

Valentine's Day? Pfft, overrated. We're all about Galentine's Day – celebrating the fierce, fabulous friendships that keep us sane and smiling. And what better way to honor your ride-or-die crew than with a gift that's as bold and fierce as your squad?

Don’t settle for traditional flowers or chocolates when you can gift a symbol of empowerment and sisterhood. These quirky designs are more than just products; they're a bold statement that screams, "I'm a badass, and so are you!"


Anti-Patriarchy Pins Make a Statement

Pins are like mini billboards for your personality, right? Show the world where you stand with our anti-patriarchy pin collection. From middle fingers to witty slogans, these little accessories pack a punch and are great conversation starters. Pin them on your bag, jacket, or anywhere that needs a touch of rebellion.

"No Uterus, No Opinion" Tote Bag

Make a statement without saying a word. This tote bag lets the world know that unless they've got a uterus, their opinion is irrelevant. It's the perfect gift for your outspoken BFF.

Sassy Notepads to Write Your Revolution

Every fierce warrior needs a battle journal, and we've got just the thing. Our sassy notepads are perfect for jotting down your plans to conquer the world. Let your thoughts flow freely as you pen down your dreams, goals, and the patriarchy-smashing moves you're about to make.

Stickers for Her Water Bottle, Laptop & Car

These waterproof (dishwasher-safe) and weatherproof vinyl stickers embody a fierce and femme-powered spirit—bold, unapologetic, and fun as hell. They're not just accessories for decorating your stuff; they're a proud statement of your values!

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