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Halloween Essentials for Every Badass Witch Out There

  • Nov 20
Halloween Essentials for Every Badass Witch Out There

If you’ve decided to embrace your witchy bitch era, you’re in the right place! Halloween is just around the corner, and being the boss witch you are, it's time to own it. Today, we're diving into everything you need to let that witch flag fly high. 

Oversized Notepads

You know you've got those hexes for your exes ready to roll. Jot them down in these oversized notepads—perfect for scribbling down your spookiest spells or just the ingredients for those adorable ghost strawberries you've been eyeing on Pinterest. 

Waterproof Stickers for Candy Buckets 

Who said Halloween can't be both spooky and stylish? Slap on some waterproof stickers on your candy buckets and trick-or-treat bags. Not only does it level up your hosting game, but they make killer Halloween party favors. 

FUN Enamel Pins: The Pumpkin MVPs

Pumpkin decorating without the mess? Yes, please! These cute enamel pins are here to save the day. Use them for a mess-free, wickedly cool pumpkin transformation. Just remember to remove them before trash day!

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