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This or that? Get to know the real me!

  • Aug 23
This or that? Get to know the real me!
Do you feel like you know the person behind the brands you buy from? I'm an extroverted introvert who loves making real connections with people and thrives on the “oh damn, me too!” moments. That's why I wanted today's "this or that" to really dive into the nitty gritty details that you know about your friends. Or let's be real, probably make fun of #androidforever.

This is probably the same reason why I was immediately drawn to Threads. I missed the Twitter boat entirely, but am so excited about a social media platform that's all about letting that freak flag fly. Enter Exhibits 1-66

Now that you know I'm an Android user who only takes showers and is mentally like 85 years old, are you surprised? Where do you land on these? Let's get to know this wolf pack!

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