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Top 3 Sassy Teacher Gifts That Are Still Kid-Friendly

  • Aug 08
teal sticker in the shape of a ribbon that says "kept the children alive"
As soon as August hits, it's Billy Madison season and I'm singing around the house "Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fooooooool."
I'm not embarassed(ish) to admit that I was a teacher's pet in school. So, of course I want to help you and your kid get some brownie points with their new teacher!
The top gifts below are still fun and filled with plenty of personality but are still kid-friendly (no bad words here, mom)! They're really perfect for any teacher, parent, babysitter, or other chaos coordinator.
And if your kid's teacher loves to drop those F bombs outside of school, I highly recommend grabbing her one of my bestselling Today's level of Clusterfuckery mugs or the new Fuck Around Find Out University sticker—it was a top seller this summer!

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