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Meet the Cheesy, Tattooed and Travel-Loving designer behind SHEWOLF

  • Nov 20
Meet the Cheesy, Tattooed and Travel-Loving designer behind SHEWOLF

This year, I’m spending my birthday grinding it out in an office, daydreaming about the glorious moment I could throw my bra out the window, kick back on the couch with the dog, and catch-up on Southern Charm. When he gets home, Matt is taking me out to a new Italian place for my two favorite things: wine and carbo-loading.

Also my favorite? The feeling of finding your people. For me, it’s usually something like, "Damn, their weird is my weird!" That’s definitely my vibe, and the people I love to attract. 

So, buckle up, because here are some fun facts about me you might connect with!

  • Personality Soup: Scorpio, Enneagram 8, Projector. It's like the universe threw together the perfect recipe for my brand of chaos.
  • Cheese lover alert! But don't even think about baked cheese snacks. Doritos and cheese puffs, though? Total game-changers. And if you want to keep your snacks safe, just bring Goldfish.
  • My workspace has to be “clean” before I can start. It doesn't have to be spotless, but clutter breaks my brain. In a jiff, I just shove everything into one glorious pile.
  • I’m a proud infertility warrior and child-free! I've battled through it all: IUI, IVF, specialists, experimental treatments, and heartbreaking miscarriages. But now, in my mid-30s, it's time to live for me and be surrounded by my SHEWOLF pack.
  • I’m first-generation born in the U.S. My parents emigrated from Russia and Ukraine and met in '80s Brooklyn.
  • I’m a ride-or-die friend. Need a scapegoat to get out of trouble? I'm your girl. Fiercely loyal, protective, and ready to back you up.
  • My dad took me for my first tattoo at 16. I sat for 3.5 hours and got a fiery Russian phoenix.
  • Traveling for food is my love language. Matt and I celebrated our tenth anniversary in Prince Edward Island, eating our weight in oysters.
  • Although Russian was my first language, I currently understand it much better than I speak it. When my Grandma speaks Russian to me, there's an 85% chance I'll respond in English.
  • I have six tattoos: Lightning bolt, geometric pineapple, the yiddish word "beshert," a single-line drawing of my pup, a Russian nesting doll (matryoshka), and the Russian firebird.

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