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Wear Your Support Loud and Proud with the New Trans Ally Design!

  • Nov 17
Wear Your Support Loud and Proud with the New Trans Ally Design!

So, picture this: a Halloween-themed drag brunch, complete with sexy Freddy Krueger and Jason sweater dresses, an endless French vanilla waffle bar, and yours truly winning the dance contest. 

The prize? A free shot of tequila. Regrets? Absolutely. I immediately went home and took a four-hour nap (and you know those thighs burned for days).

But beyond the epic lip-syncing and outrageous outfits, what made this drag brunch unforgettable was the incredible sense of community and acceptance that filled the room. It got me thinking—this is exactly what SHEWOLF is all about. It's about celebrating who you are, loving yourself unconditionally, and living your best life out loud, just like those queens on stage.

It got me so inspired, that I just can’t keep this new design under wraps any longer! I’m thrilled to introduce this new trans ally design as a permanent staple in my Designs that Donate collection!

Now you can wear your heart on your sleeve, show unwavering support for the incredible transgender community, and spark conversations that matter—all without saying a word. Because let's face it, allyship is about action. And the best part? A portion of the proceeds from every product sold goes straight to charity.

So, are you ready to join the movement and be part of something bigger? LFG!

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